How to translate

This site, as much as possible, is bilingual. Look for the black text for Spanish and the brown text for English.

The individual blogs may be in Spanish or English or both. The 'Latest Articles' snippets, shown in the lower part of the main column, come from automated RSS feeds, so they will be presented in the original blog language. To read the snippets in your language, use one of the translators in the sidebar. Using these tools, this website may be translated to several languages, in addition to Spanish or English.

Many bloggers include translators in their sidebars. When visiting those blogs, simply click the desired language and the entire website will be translated. If the blog site does not include a translator, simply copy the blog's URL into Google Translate and select the to and from languages to see the entire blog translated.

If you need to translate frequently, consider installing the Google Toolbar and the Google Translate feature so that you can translate any web page with one click.

Computer translations are never perfect, but give them a try. It could widen your world.